Calling IMVU a game is like saying that the crocodile is a kind of lizard. There are millions of people who are crazy about this „entertainment and social platform”. But what is all about?

IMVU was created over 7 years ago and it let only to chat with using virtual avatars in three-dimensional areas that time. Until today this is one of the basic function of IMVU and the first thing after register will be creating our web alter ego.

Frequently asked questions about IMVU:

A: I can read that the registration succeed but I can’t log in. Why?

B: You have to log in on your e-mail account, open the message from IMVU inc. and click on a link which verify the facts.

A: How can I walk with my avatar in the room?

B: In IMVU we can’t walk. If you want to change the position of the avatar search in the room for „posing spots”. They’re looking like a little man in a yellow circle. When you click to them avatar will be placed there.

A: How to start chatting?

B: In IMVU Messenger at the bottom there is an option „Chat now!”. So that you can talk with anybody from the whole world. But if you want to talk with someone from Poland set „Search people”.

A: Why can’t I kiss my buddy?

B: You and your buddy need to have set you as a Buddies (friends). Some of the actions in IMVU has its own allocation. You can see that in some of the actions (they’re label). If the action isn’t label you can do it everytime, if it has „smiley” – person need to add you to Buddies. If it has AP symbol (Access Pass) – You and the person need to buy from IMVU an erotic content (it costs 20$).

A: How can I get credits to buy anything?

B: – –

A: Why can’t I place the furnitures in one of my rooms?

B: Decorating the room with the furnitures is available in open rooms: „ROOMS/OPEN ROOMS”.  You can’t place furnitures in closed rooms: „CLOSED ROOMS/SCENE”. It’s just scenes where objects are built-in and decorating is unavailable.

A: IMVU is working really slow. How can I fix it?

B: I’m afraid you can’t. Fluency of the communicator depends on the computer’s parameters and Internet network. Owners of the modems shouldn’t complain. I have Pentium IV 3,0 Ghz, 1,21 Gb RAM, integrated with graphics card, wireless Internet and it works perfectly.

A: Oh no! I can’t use the communicator! It worked perfectly earlier, and now… terrible!

B: I had that problem too. In the options of the communicator there are graphical settings. Direct 3D is the best driver. In the newer version something is wrong with an old and good OpenGL. So if you use OpenGL change it for something else. It should help.

A: I bought a new haircut and I don’t have it in my inventory. Have I been fooled?

B: Absolutely not. The computer just didn’t manage to proceed the information about the purchase. In Inventory there is a „Refresh” button. Click on it a few times and computer will verify the product.

A: A lot of people on IMVU has some extra gadgets on Homepage! I wish I had one of them. How can I acquire them?

B: A lot of HP decorations you can create by using the codes of HTML, CSS, A href, Img. On the Internet it’s possible to find a lot of ways to generate things with these cods.

A: I bought a product but I don’t like it anymore. Can I sell it?

B: Unfortunately not. IMVU inc. force users to irreversible purchases. So you need to think before you buy anything.

A: Is there any option to check the products before buying them?

B: Yes, almost every product has an option to try them (except stickers). You only need to click „TRY IT”. After that in the IMVU client the bookmark with the changing room will appear. Presently you’ll have the product on. If there are extra comments included – they will be above the wearing stuff list.

A: I took a photo of myself and i clicked „UPLOAD”. Now I can’t find it anywhere. Where is it?

B: You just need to click on Homepage. Next to the photo of the avatar we can see highlighted writing „viev my pictures”. Click on it and you’ll be move to the photo album.

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